TCS Presents Open Jam with the Jam Knights

Date: Tuesday, January 28 07:30 PM

Venue: The Caddy Shack

What is an open jam night, you ask?

Well, it's about what it sounds like. It's a night for any and all musicians, no matter your ability to come on out and play some tunes with a house backing band (or any number of other jammers).

It's sort of like an open mic night, but with less focus on individuals performing, and rather getting lots of folks up on stage with others to show your stuff. Play one song, play three, or more. Just get up an jam!

We typically play a lot pop, rock, blues, funk, country, etc. that a lot of people will be familiar with, but this jam has no limits and we are open to playing about anything. We provide a simple backline of drums, bass rig, guitar rig, and microphones you can use, or bring your axe, sticks, voice, mellophone, keys, theremin, or whatever!


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