Sir Benedict's Tavern
Sir Benedict's Tavern
805 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802 Map It
Open 11 am Daily
The local hangout you just shouldn't miss!
Date Time Event Description
10/20/201706:00 PMBryan GattenLive acoustic music!
10/20/201709:00 PMCora & PedersonLive music!
10/21/201706:00 PMNick NielsonLive music!
10/21/201709:00 PMNick FoytikLive music!
10/22/201709:00 PMKaraokeKaraoke night at Sir Ben's.
10/23/201706:00 PMTeague AlexyLive music!
10/24/20175PM-8PMErik BerryLive music!
10/24/201709:00 PMOpen Mic at Sir Ben's Come on down and play or just come to listen. You never know who might show up. All ages/all talents welcome. Call 218-728-1192 to sign up!
10/25/201705:00 PMColleen MyhreLive music!
10/25/201707:00 PMBluegrass JamEnjoy the sounds of true bluegrass music and the beautiful views of Lake Superior. It's an open jam- bring your own instruments!
10/26/201705:00 PMWonky TonkLive music!
10/26/201707:00 PMCeltic JamLive Celtic Music- a Thursday night tradition at Sir Ben's! It's an open jam- bring your own instruments!
10/27/201706:00 PMThe Fish HeadsLive alternative bluegrass!
10/27/201709:00 PMMatthew GriswoldLive music!
10/28/201706:00 PMPaul SeebaLive music!