Mitch McVicker (of Rich Mullins' Ragamuffin Band) Live at Duluth Gospel Tabernacle

Live Music
Date: Sunday, May 29 06:00 PM

Venue: Duluth Gospel Tabernacle

Folk and Gospel artist, Mitch McVicker, will be performing at Duluth Gospel Tabernacle on Sunday, May 29th, along with local artist, Presence Music. Mitch was a close friend and co-songwriter to the late Rich Mullins, who was known for songs such as "Awesome God', Sometimes By Step", and "My Deliverer" (which they co-wrote together).

Mitch says, "I started out by traveling, writing songs, doing concerts, and being roommates with the late, great Rich Mullins. I was in the car wreck that killed Rich. my recovery was touch-and-go and very extensive...lasting years."

Since then, Mitch has gone on to release 11 albums, 2 EPs, 2 live DVDs, and has played over 2,300 concerts in 49 states and 13 countries. His latest album 'A Shrugging of the Shoulders', was released last year.

Mitch is known for his use of unique instrumentation and looping in live performances.

He says, "I play an acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, ukulele, banjo, electric guitar, and cajon (box drum). I make percussion loops from junk, various household items, children's toys and then play songs to those percussion loops. Everything is set up on a table next to me. The stage looks kind of like a garage sale."

He says, "My goal is to do concerts that point people beyond themselves. I play in churches, theaters, colleges, prisons, bars, and coffeehouses... I tend to blab a lot in concert... I share my faith experiences and how we are all trying to respond to God's ever-present and always-infusing grace. It is my attempt to communicate and emphasize God’s activity in all of our lives...through the practical and overlooked."

Mitch's concerts are known to connect the everyday with the otherworldly.


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