Due to COVID-related closures, please confirm event details with the presenter. We are not always notified of changes or cancellations.


Park Point 7-mile garage sale

Date: Friday, June 11 07:00 AM - Saturday, June 12 05:15 PM

Funnest Garage Sale in Duluth, MN! 7 miles of stuff!
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Park Point Duluth MN
Across the aerial Lift Bridge
Mark your calendars!
June 11-12.
Sale starts 7am July 11th or whenever owners get out of bed. Ends Saturday July 12th around 5:30pm or whenever home owners decide they are finished.
Notes for a successful garage sale:
1- to Avoid congestion Park at the very end at the beach house on 48th& MN Ave. If you choose to park on the road, please park on the proper side.
2-bring backpacks & walk the sales all the way back to the aerial lift bridge.
3- If you buy big stuff, ask the owners to please hold it for you & put your name on it.
4- At the end of the day, catch the park point city bus from the bridge all the way back to your car at the beach house.
5- As you drive home, stop & pick up your larger items along the way.
Please note: due to Covid bathrooms are not provided this year and house owners will not let you use theirs. Bathrooms could possibly be available at the beach houses the end only and that’s not a for sure thing?!?!?!
The community club is not involved this year and Peter Pauley is helping with advertising it, I'm just participating and helping him advertise the event. If you are a Park Pointer and are participating, please let Peter Pauley know (his email is in discussion). It's not necessary but we are forming a list for shoppers.
All Sales must be on Private Property with owners approval.