Disney's Finding Nemo Jr.

All Ages/Family
  Sunday, April 28 05:00 PM

  NorShor Theatre

Duluth Playhouse Youth Theatre is delighted to present Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr., running April 26 - 28, 2024 at the NorShor Theatre. This one-act musical adaptation of the beloved Pixar movie Finding Nemo will enchant audiences of all ages with its lovable characters, unforgettable melodies, and inventive stagecraft and puppetry.


At the heart of this timeless story is Marlin, an anxious clown fish whose adventurous son Nemo is unexpectedly captured by a diver and taken to a fish tank in Sydney. Determined to find him, Marlin embarks on an epic journey across the vast ocean. Along the way, he encounters Dory, an endlessly optimistic blue tang fish with a short-term memory but a heart of gold. Together, Marlin and Dory navigate the challenges of the deep blue sea and encounter a colorful array of friends who offer guidance, wisdom, and laughter. From the laid-back sea turtle Crush, who surfs the currents with ease, to the supportive Tank Gang, a lively group of fish residing in a tank in the Sydney Harbour Aquarium, each character adds their own unique charm to the adventure.


Featuring brand new music by the renowned songwriting team from Frozen, Finding Nemo Jr. is a heartwarming tale that celebrates the enduring themes of love, friendship, and courage.


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